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Our Services

We Offer Multiple Services

Motor Vehicle Distributorship

The company distributes quality motor vehicles within and outside the country with reliable prices and plenty offers.

Spare Parts

The Company Offers original spare parts, repair part, replacement part interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair of defective equipments

Motor Vehicle Lubricants

The company offers motor vehicles lubricants including Engine Oil and Gear Oil, Grease, Penetrating lubricants, dry lubricants and many others.

Hardwires products

We offer Hardwires Products like GPS Tracker for Vehicles that will increase the security your Vehicle

Safety equipments

We have vehicular safety devices, seat belts, harness, inflatable cushions, airbags and other devices designed to protect occupants of vehicles from injury in case of accident.

Fleet Maintenance

The company offers the exterior hand wash service that removes dust, insects, salt and other debris outside of your vehicle.

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Malero Brothers Co Ltd, has been the best Company in car dealership distributorship and  general supplies over six years  and our priority is customer's expectations